This is me inside my Window of Tolerance!!

Through this window I can see the whole world in its entirety and beauty. I’m in parasympathetic nervous system dominance.

I can upregulate my system to excitement, engagement or high motivation and remain within this frame… or I can down regulate by meditating, Netflix and chillin (hmmm that upregulates too! You get me😜)

When we are in hyperarousal we are above the window. We cant see the world. We just see our stuff.

When we are in hypo-arousal we are below the window. We cant see the world here either.

When you are outside your Window of Tolerance you are in activated fight/flight mode or the flooded overwhelm of freeze mode. Your world is polarised as you are in to survival mode.

Higher cortical functioning such as empathy, compassion, executive function and critical thinking skills are offline. Your brain has bypassed the frontal cortex region.

We can expand our window by practicing mind body connection exercises .

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