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Stress free potty training!

Potty training was one of those things that when I worked in Early Years used to cause parents lots of stress and worries! Potty training is something that’s much easier to do in the holiday. Then there’s no break in your child’s routine. If you’re working all the time it …


Self worth

Morning! Hmmm yeah, hands up if you’ve been on this kind of journey? Self worth and self esteem are forged in childhood from believing you are lovable, worthy and enough. When things occur that rock those foundations, and I dont just mean neglect or cruelty, it shifts our perception of …


Building your inner tribe.

I love seeing and hearing people cheerleading for others. It’s such a wonderful trait… but sometimes we need to be a cheerleader for ourselves and build our inner squad. This is a lovely exercise I use with clients when we are working on building resilience and self worth. Resilience is …