I love Mindfulness, although I’ve often spoken out about its use as a sticking plaster in education and how it’s generally the last thing part of the journey I teach my clients! In fact you can scroll through my early posts to where i write about Mindfulness being hard work and why it has its problem in therapy and trauma work.

Mindfulness as a discipline takes practice and dedication which can quickly set people up for failure. I chose to study Mindfulnes for my dissertation for my child development degree and researched the lived experience Children’s capacity to be Mindful. In my therapy practice though I teach awareness of body sensations as a way of ensuring a person stays connected within their body (helping to prevent and heal maladaptive dissociative experiences). A brain which feels safe creates the biochemistry which allows for the system to be in parasympathetic nervous system dominance aka rest and digest mode. However sharing precious moments with our children and teaching them mindful awareness of both body sensations and the natural world around them is the chance for healthy bonding and setting up good wellbeing practices for them as they grow. The question we must always ask ourselves is; How do we want our children to be as adults?

With this is mind I have selected some lovely resources to help support parents and children on their mindful journey of growth! These are all the kinds of books and tools I would be using now as an early years educator and I use resource cards both in my therapy practice and my workshop programmes.

Just click on each image to go straight to the details and purchase options. If you purchase through my website Rethink Your Life CIC and The Resilient Kids Project earns 10% from each purchase which means more free and donations based therapy sessions and workshops!

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