Morning! Hmmm yeah, hands up if you’ve been on this kind of journey?

Self worth and self esteem are forged in childhood from believing you are lovable, worthy and enough. When things occur that rock those foundations, and I dont just mean neglect or cruelty, it shifts our perception of ourselves.

I’ve spent 18 years working directly with young children and their families, and when I was in education my heart used to break each time a child’s precious creation – usually covered in glue and treasure collected from outdoors – was corrected, dismissed, underplayed or devalued. By well meaning loving parents.

Scars occur not just from violence or neglect. Micro aggresions such as sarcasm, unnecessary criticisms, comparisons, snobbery, belittling, perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, micro management and tiger parenting (overt aggression towards others deemed as protection) all rob a child of their autonomy.

To this day sarcasm is the one that still gets me, its different from dry humour or droll banter. It’s like paint stripper on the soul.

But reading through that list I bet at least one resonates from childhood as an experience from either a parent or educator.

Choose your words wisely ❤

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