I love seeing and hearing people cheerleading for others. It’s such a wonderful trait… but sometimes we need to be a cheerleader for ourselves and build our inner squad.

This is a lovely exercise I use with clients when we are working on building resilience and self worth. Resilience is about our ability to cope with adverse experiences… and sometimes it helps to have extra resources to draw on.

– You need a pen and paper

– Think of the character traits of these following people that you admire:-

  1. future you
  2. an older relative
  3. a friend
  4. a work colleague
  5. an actress/actor
  6. a global figure/leader
  7. an animal/ spirit animal

– Now with each one write down what you think their advice would be to you in challenging times.

– Fold the piece of paper up and pop it in your bag. You’ve created your tribe!

You can go one step further and write each one down on separate bits of paper and then using your non-dominant writing hand create a symbol for each one. Place the paper around you in a circle… stand in the middle and step on to each one.

Writing with your non-dominant hand activates intuitive thinking in the right hemisphere of your brain… you’ll be able to feel the energy of your tribe!

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