Our fears and limiting beliefs can significantly impact on our ability to achieve our highest potential. Whether this is with competitions and sporting activities, creative performances, exams, public speaking or even our ability to connect with loved ones and intimate partners. It may seem that day to day our lives are fine and just ticking along but underneath there can be a sense of life passing by or just not meeting our full potential.

Our early belief systems are usually formed in childhood; the teacher who dismissed your work, the parent who was overly critical or being rejected by a friendship group. These events lead to ‘schema’ being developed which are our brains building block of understanding around key events. The brain then continues to store familiar events within that schema which can go on to create the lens through which we view the world. This can create an internal dialogue of “I don’t matter” “what I have to offer is irrelevant” or similar negative beliefs. We also feel the fear associated with these events, the stomach cramps, the tightening throat or sweating and blushing.

Niki offers an integrative model of coaching with psychotherapeutic intervention to work directly with the fear based triggers impeding performance. Using Brainspotting, EMDR and/or hypnotherapy the underlying problem can be very quickly located and then work can begin to rapidly shift the negative belief systems which underpin the fears.