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NEW VIDEO! Trauma work

Feeling super excited to have been asked to contribute to the excellent @yourmentalhealthworkout on Instgram. My latest video is on trauma work and how we look to the body to heal painful past learning experiences. Click on the link to view on IGTV Zoe Aston is an addictions counsellor based …


Self worth

Morning! Hmmm yeah, hands up if you’ve been on this kind of journey? Self worth and self esteem are forged in childhood from believing you are lovable, worthy and enough. When things occur that rock those foundations, and I dont just mean neglect or cruelty, it shifts our perception of …


Our inner protectors

How do we use and access our Internal Family Systems? Internal Family Systems was developed by Dr Richard Schwartz as a way to help people connect with, and better understand their inner world. It is used a lot in complex trauma work. In fact it was a recommendation as part …