Big Emotions Toolkit

Welcome to The Resilient Kids Project’s Big Emotions Toolkit! This learning series is designed for parents and educators to use both at home and in the classroom.

The workbook is an easy download and has printable worksheets with all the scripts for you to follow. The videos below are created to be short and easy for you to follow too! By following the order it has been put together you will help your child build on their skill set for managing emotions and intrusive thoughts.

Find your workbook HERE!

You can use it as a 5 day challenge for pupils in your class or group, as an afterschool activity or simply as a fun resource to use at home with your kids.

All the exercises are ones I use in my live workshops and in my private practice. They are simple visualisation techniques to help with building your child’s inner toolkit for managing their emotional wellbeing.

Disclaimer: These activities are not intended as a replacement for psychotherapy, assessment or intervention.