Does your child struggle with anxiety? Are you worried and anxious as a parent?

As a parent it can often feel overwhelming to help your child manage big emotions.

Supporting children with anxiety can be hard. It is easy for things to spiral out of control so home life feels fraught and chaotic. You may feel like you are avoiding situations for fear of escalating your child’s fear.

Children’s feelings are big feelings, stuck in their body and making them feel yuck.

Parenting with anxiety is even harder! Fear judgement, fear of making mistakes, fear of damaging your child. As parents we endlessly worry about getting it wrong at the best of times.

I’ve been a parent and Early Years educator for nearly 20 years now and seen firsthand anxiety rise in both parents and children. I’m also a psychotherapist and coach specialising in trauma and attachment patterns. I help parents manage their anxiety and fears as well as their children’s.

The Resilient Kids Project has run since early 2016 as a live workshop series, teaching parents and children how to support their emotional wellbeing together. It’s now being developed as a free online resource!

I coach children, young people and their parents to help them all better manage their fears and anxieties, in turn transforming their lives.

Happy calm parents means happy calm kids